Think jumping on a trampoline is just a fun activity for kids? Think again.
Rebounding not only brings the fun back into fitness, it’s one of the best, low impact exercises you can do for super-quick results.
After extensive research, author, lecturer and the pioneer of rebound exercise, Albert E Carter said, “Rebounding is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man”.

Rebounding on a mini trampoline is one of the quickest ways to rebuild muscle mass and improve overall strength and fitness levels.
There are more than 40 benefits of Rebounding which range from weight loss to disease prevention, to anti-ageing and optimal cellular performance.

Rebounding has longevity because it is easy to commit to as it is highly enjoyable, time efficient and leaves you feeling de-stressed, invigorated and energised! People who rebound find they can work longer, sleep better, and feel less tense and nervous.

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“After running Our Movement Studio for a few years, I was looking for something to add to the studio. I wanted a more cardio style movement but that also allowed the participants to move in their body’s way. I needed this exercise to be great for all ages and fitness levels too, and that’s when I found Rebounding

Rebounding offered everything I was looking for and so much more. I contacted Rebound SA and a few weeks later did my teacher training certification with themI learned that I had stumbled across a miracle exercise that I knew would benefit, not only my students, but me as well. Rebounding has the CANSA seal for CANSA Active and offers great benefits to anyone who needs assistance with their lymphatic system.

 Who knew that at my age I would return to bouncing as my new exercise plan and it’s still such fun.

Carol owner of Our Movement Studio






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