move & be moved


Why Our Movement Studio exists

Movement finds you when you need it most, so if you’ve found yourself here, we’re sure it’s meant to be. The right movement gives you peace of mind, body and soul and this is why we are passionate about what we do, every day. We’re here to demystify the world of movement and dance – one class at a time.

Come experience, educate and entertain yourself through movement, love and connection. Join us in being relentlessly present, forgiving, growing and open. We know we’re all on our own journeys and at Our Movement Studio, you’re encouraged to just be – with no judgement or expectations.

What Our Movement Studio offers

Want a workout? Need to relieve tension and stress? Looking to declutter your mind? We offer classes in Nia, Pilates, Rebounding and TRX. Get to know yourself as you integrate your body and mind while you bring yourself into the moment. Our movement offerings are holistic approaches that respect the full effects on the body and mind. The movements are designed to include meditation, breath work, women’s health and wellness. Occasionally, we host expert guest speakers who offer additional insights in line with Our Movement Studio’s values and offerings (ranging from wellness workshops to alternative health).

Come and experience a studio like no other in the West Rand.

The studio

Spacious, airy and peaceful, the studio is a perfect space to get in touch with yourself. Our studio promotes relaxation, calm and growth. The energy flows from the entrance to our airy studio space. As a home away from home, Our Movement Studio is a safe space for anyone looking to start their movement journey as well as advanced ‘movers’.

Looking forward to moving with you soon!



Office 1, Randridge Mall,
Cnr John Vorster and Kayburn Ave, Randpark Ridge &
Johannesburg, Gauteng